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At CrossConnects we focus your needs as a small business owner or small business manager.  You have better things to do than to worry about the computer, network, and IT support needs of your business.  You probably don’t care about the difference between a network switch and a network router. In fact, you probably don’t want to know the difference. 


You probably just want things to work the way that you thought that they were supposed to.  That’s where CrossConnects of La Crosse shines. We are your one stop shop for all of your business IT support needs in La Crosse, WI and the surrounding areas.  


Your computers in your business are just productivity tools for you and your employees to use.  When your tools are not functioning at 100% then you are losing money. You already know this! Other IT consulting companies in the La Crosse area do not seem to understand this simple fact.  


Have you ever found yourself trying to get ahold of your IT support company in La Crosse and if you get in touch with them they have a lethargic reaction to your problems?  You are trying to keep your emotions in check while they seem nearly indifferent to your problems? It’s almost like there is a carbon-monoxide leak at the IT support company’s office.  You will not have these troubles with your IT support from CrossConnects. Of course, all of this is only if you can actually get in contact with your IT support company.


These are not issues that you will have from CrossConnects.  We live answer our phone calls. So when you call you will talk to a native english-speaking person with real technical knowledge.  We will treat your business outages as if it were our own business outage. 


At CrossConnects, we have a sense of urgency.  When you have a problem we are on it. You don’t have to wonder if and when we are going to show up and start working on your IT support needs in La Crosse.  We will be at your location when we say that we are going to be there. Further, we are going to be professional.  


We have 35+ years of technical experience.  This means that when you call CrossConnects, you are going to be talking to a real expert.  Your struggles will be handled with class, professionalism, and experienced technicians.  


We work with just about all computers and networking equipment in the wild today.  There is always going to be extensive conversations about brand names, but to us we do not care.  We work with all servers, computers, and networking equipment.  


The important part of most small business owners and managers is that they know that they can get in touch with their IT support company quickly and reliably.  We do not hide behind caller ID or hide behind ticketing systems. We will not make you hang up and send and email or “put in a ticket.” We believe business IT support in La Crosse is being available when you need it.

Don’t waste your time waiting on other IT support companies in La Crosse.  There are other options out there, but we truly believe that we are the best of breed when it comes to business IT support in La Crosse.  


There are four reasons why small businesses change business IT support providers or IT consulting companies.  


  1. They are not available – This will not be your experience with CrossConnects.  We typically hear this playing out like from prospective customers, “Our IT consultant is really good when we can get a hold of him, but he doesn’t really answer his phone.” This is just fancy talk for, “He’s not available”
  2. They are incompetent – We see this when we talk to prospective business IT support customers when they say, “Our IT consultant is really nice, but he has been out here 3 times to work on the same problem and the issue keeps coming back.”  This is just an alternative way for the customer to tell us that they have no confidence in the IT consultant’s understanding. This will not be your experience with CrossConnects
  3. They have a terrible attitude – We always keep in mind that you are the customer and we are the service provider.  However, have you had the experience with your IT Consultant or Managed Service Provider (MSP) that you work for them?  They act hateful or condescending to you (That means talking down to you… yes that was a joke) and your employees for no apparent reason.  We will treat you and your employees like they are family. 
  4. They are too expensive – We can’t promise that we are going to be the cheapest business IT support company in the La Crosse area, but we promise that we are not the most expensive either.  If fact, we will beat another IT consulting, MSP, or business IT support company in the La Crosse, WI area’s quote by 10% (As long as we are comparing apples to apples).


We have service plans that fit nearly all budgets.  Unfortunately, we cannot be more specific than this because it depends on your environment.  Some small businesses have greater needs than other small businesses. Because of this the best way to move forward is for you to give us a call and we will come by your office to talk about what is causing you heartburn.  We will also get a good idea of what systems and softwares you are running so that we can give you an accurate proposal.


We will treat you like we are family, like we are on the same team, and like we are the ones working for you. 


We strive to keep you up and running.  We strive to keep you out of the pitfalls of modern computing.  We work to proactively avoid problems and to address the issues before you even know them.  Call us today to find out what else makes CrossConnects different. We love being put to the test.


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