Free Business Computers

Who doesn’t like free stuff right?  The real question is who gives aware free stuff?  Further, is what they are giving aware just a bunch of junk?  


Well the answers to all of those questions are pretty simple.  CrossConnects deals with businesses only. We have found that the number one contributor to customer issues is their desktop computers sitting right in front of them.  We know that computers are expensive so often those computers don’t get replaced as timely as they should. 


This is where CrossConnects come into place.  We just replace your old worn out, slow, junky computers with free business desktops at no cost to you.  You don’t have a capital expenditure this way, and best of all is that everyone on your staff all the way from the CEO to the receptionist gets a replacement computer at no cost to the company.


Why do we do this?  Pretty simple, if you have fewer problems then you call fewer times.  If you call fewer times then we have to do less work. If we do less work then we make more money!  So you think that you’re the one that is going to get free business computers, and you are. However, we all reap the benefits of the free business computers.  You have fewer problems and your staff is more efficient and happy. You have fewer problems with your computers and we have fewer problems to fix and happier customers.  


This is as close to a win-win situation that we can come up with.  


So what’s the catch right?  Is this too good to be true?  We are serious. All new customers to CrossConnects get free business computers.  There is one catch we guess. You have to sign up for a 36 month agreement; otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business.  So that’s the catch you have to get outstanding customer support, maintenance, management, and experience to go along with your free computers.


So how do you get started with getting free business computers for all of your staff?  It’s easy, just give us a call. We can help you get started by scheduling a time that we can come talk to you about your business IT support needs as well as how you can get free business computers for your entire team.  


We do more than just give away free business computers.  We manage your entire business IT network, servers, email, computers, printers, phone systems, internet, etc.  We take a proactive approach to keeping your whole business IT environment up and running at all times. Of course, things break and emergencies happen.  We know this and so do you. So we go one step further, we are available during all business hours.  


We live answer our phone calls.  This means that when you call and need help that we are going to answer the phone and start working on your problems.

We do not hide behind voicemail. We do not hide behind ticketing systems.  We do not hide when you have problems. We are easy to get ahold of.


However, the great thing is that your emergency situations will be diminished because you have free replacement computers.  All of the systems will be running the latest version of Windows Professional, they will have a certified clean installation of all of your programs and your computers will be running at tip-top performance.


When your free business computers are running at peak performance then you are happy.  You will be happy because your employees will be operating at peak performance too. When your employees are working better then you are making more money!


Everybody wins when you get free business computers from CrossConnects.  You will not find free business computers from anyone else in the La Crosse area.  No one else is crazy enough to give away free business computers to new customers, but we are.  We give them away because everyone benefits. When everyone benefits then everyone wins.


We like having happy customers.  We like it when our customers are happy and more efficient.  We like it when our customers do not have to call us daily because something else broke.  We like it when our customers are working faster and more efficiently because you will be making more money.  We like it when our customers make more money, because they can pay their invoices faster.  


We know that we support you and the business needs.  More IT firms and managed service providers (MSP) think that you work for them.  You have to comply with their needs and that is just silly. We work for you. We work to serve your business goals and business needs.  When you have their business needs satisfied then you can go about making money. That’s what we focus on. Keeping you in business and not thinking about computers.  This is why getting free business computers from CrossConnects is so important. You can go back to thinking about what makes you money and keeps you in business and you can stop thinking about computers.


Give CrossConnects a call to schedule a free in person visit from one of our highly trained team members and find out how you can get free business computers.  We will get you free replacement computers from the only IT consulting team in town that is crazy enough to give away free hardware.  


We can typically have the free business computers in place and fully function inside of 30 days from the point in time that you say “go”. We can talk about what it takes to get you taken care of from a holistic point of view for your entire network too.  We can take care of your company servers, routers, firewalls, internet, phones, printers, computers, switches, power backups, wireless, etc, etc, etc. We will take care of all of it so that you don’t have to. You will not have to lift a finger anymore when it comes to your business IT needs so that you can go back to thinking about what’s important to you and the company.

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